Why Do Men Prefer Cufflinks To Buttons?

It’s a fair question, why do the more style conscious men prefer cufflinks to buttons? Cufflinks have long been a cornerstone of western male formal dress, allowing men to spruce up even the drabbest and most ill-fitting of suits, and allowing those lucky enough to own a sharp, well-fitted suit to look even better.

For centuries they were the only acceptable form of male jewellery, a chance to put a little gold or silver on, maybe even a gemstone or two. Let’s face it, suits can be boring and cliché. Every man owns one, and if yours isn’t too spectacular, maybe it’s time to refine your look with a couple of cufflinks.

They Look Slicker

It’s a fact. Cufflinks look slicker, more stylish and better than plain old shirt cuffs buttons. They give you a chance to accessorise and detail an otherwise plain outfit. Suits can be dull, cufflinks give you that chance to improve your look, put a little sparkle and detail in there, and separate yourself from the crowd.

They Allow For Longer Sleeves

If you’re a tall man, or you simply think suits look better with a bit more sleeve showing, as they should, then you need cufflinks. Cufflinks sleeves are always going to be a couple inches longer than their buttoned counterpart, making them ideal for those of us with longer arms.

You Can Build on a Solid Outfit

Let’s face it, you’ve donned your best suit, done your hair, you’re showered, clean and smell great, and you just don’t know how to improve things anymore. What can you add change, or do, to enhance your appearance further? Suits can be something of a plateau in terms of appearance, but cufflinks allow you to look even better, even smarter and even more stylish.

You Can Mix Up Your Suits a Little

Suits are expensive and the majority of off the rack suits don’t fit the majority of us perfectly. If you’re a taller or skinnier man, then chances are you need a modified or custom suit. This is expensive. Very expensive, if you want a nicer suit. A quality, Italian suit, made to measure or modified can run you well above £500 ($700). This means that in order to have a good varied outfit you need to spend thousands.

Or you could just have one or two suits, and a quality range of cufflinks, shoes and watches to mix it up and accessorise. It’s cheaper and more stylish after all.