It’s In The Detail: Stylish Cufflinks Options

Cufflinks are too often overlooked in the modern world as an unnecessary and expensive accessory that is only used by high-flying businessmen or the rich and famous.

However, like many other pre-conceived ideas about certain accessories, this is simply not the case and cufflinks are now available in a wide variety of styles at a range of costs.

Here, we take a look at the varying stylish cufflink options and discuss the details that make them all so different but nonetheless desirable. It is generally considered that eight styles of cufflinks are more popular than any others:

Silk Knot Cufflinks are perhaps the cheapest option of cufflink. In fact, they are so cheap to make that they are often included when purchasing a shirt from a retail store. These cufflinks are similar in style to a chain link but are made of coloured yarn as opposed to metal. Silk Knot Cufflinks are perhaps the least expensive and least durable option so can be considered with more informal attire.

Whale Back Cufflinks are one of the more common cufflinks found in the world but are nonetheless effortlessly stylish. These cufflinks are connected using a “whale tail”, which is clipped together once through the shirt cuff. Whale Backs are so popular because of their reliability and durability whilst also retaining their style.

Chain Link Cufflinks represent one of the oldest styles still available on the market today. This classic style consists of two equal heads connected by a delicate chain link. This style option offers versatility in decoration but isn’t as durable as others and can be prone to breaking if the material isn’t particularly expensive.

Ball Return Cufflinks are similar to Chain Links but are usually more expensive. This is because they are very durable and will tend to last longer than cheaper alternatives. Stylistically, Ball Returns can be lavish and diverse.

Bullet Back Cufflinks are the most popular style of cufflink on the market today, and for good reason. Very easy to use and secure, this style consists of a bullet shaped lock mechanism which is pushed into place once through the shirt cuff. Bullet Backs are extremely affordable in general and come in a range of styles.

Stud Cufflinks are the lightest and most diminutive style of cufflink available on the market today. Generally, this style consists of one large head connected to a smaller head by a solid metal bar. Due to the solidity of the link between the two heads, stud cufflinks can be extremely expensive. However, Studs can also be a designers dream and are often styled elaborately.

Finally, Locking Cufflinks are a fairly modern introduction to the market but offer a number of stylish details nonetheless. Much like how watches are secured, Locking Cufflinks use a hinge mechanism that guarantees absolute security. Due to their unique shape, this style of cufflink can also be adorned and decorated with different materials to produce a truly decadent accessory. However, they lack the traditional elegance of the aforementioned styles.